Private Coaching

Customized advice with one-on-one time set to your schedule.


Private Coaching Session

Individual meetings for the most customized coaching

Personal relationships with money are often a sensitive topic.  Let me simplify the math and help you with the psychology of it as well.  Beyond just the numbers, we can look into the motivations behind your actions (or inactions!) to get you to continue your path to financial wellness. 

We can work out debt repayment plans, investment strategies, and even creating a livable budget.  When you need some custom assistance with your finances, let me guide you on your journey.

This is completely customized to your needs, whether it is a one-time session or weekly sessions (most common).  Let's talk about what you need!

I start with a no-commitment coffee meet and greet.  No risk!


Jolie is a breath of fresh air in the financial services industry. She's intelligent, honest and trustworthy. I appreciate her focus on financial education, which I think is absolutely fundamental in helping people achieve better financial outcomes.

A Typical Private Coaching Session

Looks like this:

Step 1 - Commit to making changes and reach out to me.  Often this is the hardest part!

Step 2 - FREE coffee consult.  We discuss your financial stresses and how my program and coaching may work for you.  Trust and fit is critical.

Step 3 - We decide to go ahead as a team!  Registration, homework and scheduling our meetings.  Usually this is three sessions but is completely custom. 





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