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Jolie Financial Coach

Coaching Confidence for Financial Independence

Hello and welcome to my little spot on the internet.  I'm glad you've found me here!

I'm Jolie, a CPA and Financial Coach and I'm working to build stronger communities by empowering families to take control of their finances. 

I'm here to teach you about money, coach you in new skills and habits, and help you align your finances with your values.  I'm here to help you take action and be your cheerleader!

My primary goal is to get you excited about taking control of your money in ways that best fit what YOU need and want the most in life.  Even if you're new to the idea of Financial Coaching and you might be hesitant and skeptical.  Let's talk.  It's at least worth a conversation.

Unlike most in the financial services industry, my coaching is independent.  I don't sell insurance or investments and I don't give referral codes or affiliate links.  INDEPENDENT.  I do this because I want to build trust.  It will also grow your confidence in your learning and your own discernment skills.  I also want YOU to be independent, and that means you can research and learn and make important decisions on your own! My goal is that you will #striveforFI

That means working towards Financial Independence!

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Do you need Financial Coaching?

Financial coaching is for anyone who wants to get a stronger financial foundation!  I mostly work with women (and sometimes their partners) and everyone has their own money story.  Some of my clients struggle with a scarcity mindset.  Some have overwhelming debt, messy investments, variable cash flow, or skyrocketing expenses.  And some simply need a clearer direction on what the next goal and alignment can look like!  

I move you from drifting downstream to paddling in the same direction to do cool things!  


Who needs financial coaching?  Anyone that needs clarity and confidence with their money to align it and live their best life.  Is this you?

Financial Coaching with Jolie

I work with most of my clients privately, 1:1 because it's customized to be exactly what you need.  I have a full eight session program that will walk you through beginning to end.  You will start feeling "I don't know what I'm doing or how to get there!" and finish with a solid understanding of your entire financial situation and have a plan for achieving your next big goals!

Yes I'm an accountant, yes I will give you the spreadsheets and we will crunch numbers together.  But that's not the most important.  Talking through YOUR money struggles, flipping some money scripts that you've been telling yourself, and working towards exciting goals based on what YOU value... THAT's the best part.  Design your life and make the money plan make it happen!  

"We are midway through our private coaching series with Jolie. Jolie is knowledgeable, passionate, kind and such a shining light. She makes us feel safe and comfortable, she helps prompt and facilitate hard conversations, addresses how money feels, and provides detailed spreadsheets and templates to help work through the numbers. We are finding her programming to be a great balance of feelings and numbers and always leave our sessions feeling so empowered. Working with Jolie is life changing and we would highly recommend her to anyone."

- Private 1:1 Coaching Client, 2023

When you're READY

If you're feeling:

- anxious about managing your money

- unsure about next steps

- embarrassed that you're an adult and have much to learn about finances

- eager to learn and be in control

- that now is the time to invest the energy into your finances

The first thing you need to do is book a free consult.  This is NOT a sales call, this is a "get to know you" session for each of us.  My goal is to give you resources and answers and inspiration and hopefully inspire you to take control of your money!!  And maybe we will be a good fit to work together, too.  Let'schat!

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Please join my free community!
"Canadian Ladies Money Club"
on Facebook!

I am very proud of the community I've built on Facebook, where we talk all things money and life.  It's a safe and supportive place of wonderfully caring and smart friends.  There are over 3000 from coast to coast in Canada!  We have meetups and book clubs and lots of interesting questions and answers.  It is a community where you won't feel alone.

You'll find us on Facebook at Canadian Ladies Money Club

Jolie Viguers, CPA money coach

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."


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Contact me to be notified of new courses or to book a session!

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