Meet Jolie

Jolie Viguers, CPA, CMA
Bean Counter & Financial Coach

It's all about freedom to choose.


Career Resume

  • Business degree and accounting designation

  • 20+ years of accounting and finance roles with a variety of employers, mostly with entrepreneurs in real estate, towing, design, IT and even housecleaning. Experience in oil and gas, aviation and a law firm as well.

  • Re-entered the workforce full time, after 8 years of contracts while being a stay at home mom.

  • Currently a part time Controller for an IT firm. 

  • In 2018 I became certified as a Financial Coach.

Life Resume

  • My story begins as a farm kid in Saskatchewan, working in the fields and being part of a very small community.

  • I met and married my husband of 16 years in Calgary, and we now have two children, ages 12 and 14.

  • I volunteer my skills in youth sports, presenting, mentoring, and career counseling.

  • I have the freedom to work only part time so that we can explore the world.  We are passionate travelers, thus all of the photos on my page we have taken on our adventures! 

  • We continue being mindful of our finances so that we can enjoy our time with friends and family.


"My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time."

Steve Jobs

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My Why of Financial Independence

Financial Independence, to me, means the financial freedom to have options.  The strict definition means that an individual has enough wealth to live on the income their assets generate.  This can sound elitist so I like to promote the idea that independence can have varying applications whatever your age and stage of life.  

We are still on our own journey towards financial independence.  For us, we started by being debt averse, living off much less than we were earning, and saving while we were younger.  This afforded us the luxury to have a stay at home parent, and a work life that provides maximum flexibility for family and travel.  We are careful to balance our busy life today, with a secure retirement for our future.  

While we have made some smart decisions, we have also made mistakes!  And sometimes we know full well that it's a bad financial decision, but if it's calculated, sometimes we do it anyway!  I'm certainly not in a glass house throwing stones!

We are each on our own journey.  Some of us have started with nothing, having to battle through life for the basics.  Some of us have been born into privilege, with a more fortunate starting point.  But guaranteed, everyone has had peaks, valleys and twisty turns in their journey.

I am excited to coach people to have an educated, balanced and confident relationship with money.





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