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Boot Camps


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This is not a seminar and I will not be talking at you.  This is a boot camp that rewards those that are engaged -

"You play the way you practice." 

I'm not here to give the answers, I'm here to educate and to ask the questions. 

Your goals are specific to you, and that's the best way to make them achievable.  

These courses are designed not as a presentation, but as a workshop.  Everyone that attends will have a voice in a safe place with the best learning coming from involved discussions and open question time. 

There will be homework assignments and discussions away from the in-person sessions.

Best of all, they are small groups so that you get the most individualized attention while still having group learning benefits!

Remember, it is also INDEPENDENT* and CONFIDENTIAL.**

Money boot camp

Bean Basics Boot Camp


This beginner boot camp for adults will explore what money means to you and how to use it as a tool to reach your goals.  We'll start with organizing our finances, then look at:

earning and understanding your paystub,

saving with compound interest for net worth

spending (Everyone's favourite!) But we'll also do budgets

investing in RRSP, TFSA, RESP, real estate etc and

sharing our money and go through an income tax return.

And of course we will include ways to avoid the financial pitfalls.

Number crunching (it is a boot camp, afterall!) will be involved, but we'll be sure to use the tools already available.

* I am not affiliated with any banks or financial institutions.  I will not advise you on specific investments and I will not sell you anything, including mutual funds or insurance.  I have no side agenda other than ensuring that you become confident in your journey to independence.
** All participants are required to sign confidentiality agreements, as personal finances discussed are... personal.  It is extremely important to create an open, nonjudgmental, safe space to share and learn.

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